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Get exactly what you need to be a better math teacher. Create your customized learning experience by selecting from among 100 modules organized by grade level, content strand, and leadership content. Each module is equivalent to 15 hours of professional development.

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Fallon Farokhi
4th grade teacher
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Learn how the Academy helps teachers, administrators and education leaders better implement State Standards for Mathematics.

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Fallon Farohki Teaching Mathematics
Watch this video and see how you will customize your course and expand your skills

Meet the Expert Developers

The Elementary Mathematics Teachers Academy was created by Utah State University professor, Dr. Patricia Moyer-Packenham. Recognized as a national leader in the area of teaching development in mathematics, Dr. Packenham assembled a team of experts to develop the Academy's 100 learning modules. Click on the images below to learn more about each developer.

Dr. Patricia Moyer-Packenham Jennifer Boyer-Thurgood Katie Anderson-Pence Jessica Shumway Stephen Tucker Dr. Arla Westenskow
Dr. Patricia Moyer-Packenham

Dr. Patricia Moyer-Packenham

Professor, Founder & Developer

  • K-8 Classroom Teaching: 10 years
  • University Teaching Experience: 17 years
  • Degrees: Curriculum & Instruction, Emphasis in Mathematics Education, Ph.D.
  • Areas of Expertise: manipulatives, virtual manipulatives, representations, and mathematics teacher development
  • Author of Teaching Mathematics with Virtual Manipulatives, Grades K-8
Jennifer Boyer-Thurgood

Jennifer Boyer-Thurgood

Director & Developer

  • K-8 Classroom Teaching: 10 years
  • District Technology Integration Specialist: 4 years
  • University Teaching Experience: 2 years
  • Degrees: Curriculum & Technology, M.Ed.
  • Areas of Expertise: elementary mathematics, parental involvement in mathematics education, classroom technology
Katie Anderson-Pence

Katie Anderson-Pence


  • K-8 Classroom Teaching: 8 years
  • District Math Specialist: 2 years
  • University Teaching Experience: 4 years
  • Degrees: Emphasis in Elementary Mathematics, M.Ed.
  • Areas of Expertise: upper elementary mathematics, fractions & rational numbers, classroom discourse, use of technology (e.g. virtual manipulatives) in mathematics instruction
Jessica Shumway

Jessica Shumway


  • K-8 Classroom Teaching: 5 years
  • Title I Mathematics Coach: 3 years
  • University Teaching Experience: 4 years
  • Degrees: Elementary Education, M.Ed.
  • Areas of Expertise: number sense, professional development for teachers, and technology mathematics learning
  • Author of Number Sense Routines
Stephen Tucker

Stephen Tucker


  • K-8 Classroom Teaching: 5 years
  • University Teaching Experience: 3 years
  • Degrees: Mathematics Education, K-6, M.A.
  • Areas of Expertise: elementary mathematics education, mathematics teacher development, virtual manipulatives in mathematics learning
Dr. Arla Westenskow

Dr. Arla Westenskow


  • K-8 Classroom Teaching: 29.5 years
  • University Teaching Experience: 5 years
  • Degrees: Curriculum & Instruction, Emphasis in Mathematics Education & Leadership, Ph.D.
  • Areas of Expertise: mathematics intervention and mathematics education technology

Program Contact

For more information about the Elementary Mathematics Teachers Academy, contact:

Jennifer Boyer-Thurgood

Jennifer Boyer-Thurgood

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